Pagrindinis Renginiai Festival “The Wreath of Friendship”
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Festival “The Wreath of Friendship”

The first folk festival “The Wreath of Friendship”, dedicated to the opening of the National Cultural Center, was held in Klaipeda Concert Hall on March 5th, 2012.

The guests of the ceremony had a chance to watch a movie about the history of Center’s creation. Lots of congratulatory words were said by the mayor of Klaipeda Vytautas Grubliauskas, MEP Valdemar Tomasevski, First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Lithuania Kirill Tillyabaev, the representative of the Embassy of Poland, the President of the Association of Belarusians in Lithuania Raman Vainitski as well as by the members of Klaipeda town council Irina Rozova and Rimantas Taraškevičius.

The first festival “The Wreath of Friendship” became a spectacular event in the cultural life of the city. Famous and beloved ensembles of Klaipeda as well as such guests as Polish ensemble “Wilenka” from Vilnius, Armenian ensemble of songs and dances “Hajrenik” from Kaunas, Jewish ensemble of songs and dances “Fajerlech” from Vilnius have participated in the ceremonial opening and demonstrated their talent on the scene of Klaipeda Concert Hall. Klaipeda was represented by such already known ensembles as the ensemble of Ukrainian song “Prosvit”, Belarusian vocal ensemble “Kupalinka”, Tatar folk group “Leisan”, the choir of German community, dance group "Vetrunge" of Klaipeda University, Rusian vocal ensemble “Lel” as well as by the soloist Irena Petrulionienė.

The final word was given to the Chairman of the National Communities in Klaipeda city Fliur Saripov who congratulated the audience with the official opening of the National Cultural Center and thanked the city authorities for the support in the Center’s creation. He also expressed the hope for the National Cultural Center to become a uniting place not only for the Klaipeda national minorities, but also for all Klaipeda citizens.

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